AXEA Synergy

Axea Synergy

From the Axea team, join us on a path towards natural wellness.  All Axea products are made from the highest quality ingredients sourced throughout the world.  No chemicals, no artificial anything.  Axea synergy is backed by real science, allowing individuals to make informed decisions towards personal healing. There will always be haters and people opposed to natural plant based medicines, not recognizing the history dating back to Egypt, 8000 BC.  It’s medicinal benefits that help with stress, anxiety, inflammation and pain.  Axea products create a synergy of relief allowing for mind and body healing, an alternative over synthetic prescription drugs. 

Axea Arnica Topical Cream

Infused with CBD cannabis extract and arnica oil.  It goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly, broad spectrum CBD oil enriched with menthol to provide a pleasant cooling sensation that dissolves tension, stress, joint, arthritis pain fast.

Axea 1:1 Topical Cream

Signature topical cream infused with a blend of THC and CBD extracts.  This combination delivers fast relief through a broad spectrum THC /CBD 1:1 blend, reducing tension, stress, joint, and arthritis pain.

Axea THC-Free Daytime CBD Isolate Oil

THC free crystalized isolate oil. CBD refined to its purest form. People looking for daytime energy and a clear head to think, take the edge off daily stress and anxiety.  Using 100% coconut oil, sparing the destruction of palm trees, and helping preserve orangutan's natural habitat.

 Axea THC-Free Frankincense Pink Himalayan Dead Sea bath salt

Frankincense Pink Himalayan bath salts, infused with essential oils such as Japanese mint. Treat your mind and body to a relaxing sensation of CBD combined with ultra-rich ancient minerals and oils.  THC free, 250 mg of crystalized isolate oil, CBD refined to its purest form. Reduce pain, clear your senses, nasal passages, feel the silkiness on your skin. 

Axea Synergy

Experience all Axea products synergistically.  Apply topical cream as many times required throughout the day and evening to areas of tension and joint muscle pain. Daytime, take 0.5- 1 ml of THC-Free daytime Isolate oil.  In the evening, clear your senses and indulge in Frankincense Pink Himalayan dead sea bath salts. Axea synergy, discover homeostasis, mind and body balance.