What should you know before mixing sex and weed?

Before experimenting, it’s important to discuss it with your partner, ensuring that everyone is comfortable with what’s going on.

Original Article by Maria Loreto, The Fresh Toast

One of the many benefits of mainstream cannabis is the industry’s desire to cater to different crowds. This allows for the medicinal and recreational use of the plant to expand from edibles to infused drinks, lubricants and much more.

The addition of cannabis in lubricants is one area that has gained some anecdotal and scientific support. Of course, many people have been pairing sex with cannabis, long before scientific evidence suggested that cannabis is useful for increasing pleasure and for coping with sexual issues.

Still, there are some things you should be aware of when mixing marijuana and sex, especially when having no previous experience.

Have an open discussion with your partner

Before experimenting, it’s important to discuss it with your partner, ensuring that everyone is comfortable with what’s going on. While for some couples smoking a little weed before getting down is no reason to fuss, others are more sensitive to what they consume. The more you talk it out and get comfortable with it, the better; you don’t want anyone to have a panic attack in the middle of sex.

Choose a product that works for you

There’s a wide variety of cannabis products that can be used for sex, whether you choose to inhale marijuana, use an infused lubricant or ingest an edible. There are many factors that come into play here. As always, start off with a method you’re comfortable with, or, if you want to explore something new, go for it but start off slow. Account for you and your partner’s level of experience with whichever method is being consumed and start with a low dose.

For cannabis and sex it’s important to avoid overdosing. Studies have shown that consuming too much cannabis in whatever form can result in drowsiness or paranoia, both symptoms that won’t fit with the mood you’re trying to achieve.

You may need a few attempts to get it right

It’s not easy introducing a new element into your sex life, which is why you should cut yourself some slack at first and keep trying. You might feel awkward at first or not have complete control of your body.

“Incorporating cannabis into your sex life is like losing your virginity all over again. You have to retrain your body to move with your newly heightened senses,” writes Playboy magazine.

Don’t be scared to mix things up, try out new products and new positions. At some point, it’ll click and it’ll be well worth it.

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