Don’t be intimidated at the thought of preparing edibles.

Original Article by Maria Loreto
Baking and preparing edibles is a fun activity for a person with the right disposition and tools, even if it takes longer than other methods of consuming cannabis. The baking process in general is one that’s normally ruled by trial and error; adding weed into the mix only makes things a bit more complicated. Still, don’t be intimidated at the thought of preparing edibles, especially now that there’s more time inside and more willingness to get creative.
Baking usually requires that people prepare their own cannabutter, a process that’s time consuming and only the first step in the whole baking process. If you have a hankering to make some edibles, but don’t feel like spending a lot of time on them, here are some things to try.
THC-infused honey sticks
THC-infused honey sticks are incredibly convenient. They can be drizzled on top of cookies and cakes or in tea or coffee, transforming anything them all into a sweet treat that can get a person high. There are also CBD-infused honey sticks that can be used to create edibles with no psychoactive effects.
Infused condiments
A little research will reveal that there are plenty of THC-infused condiments, expanding the usual view of what makes an edible. While these tend to be hemp- or CBD-based, there are some interesting THC options for salty and sweet foods, such as infused sriracha, infused syrup and infused sugar.
Re-purpose edibles
Have edibles lying around the house that aren’t particularly appealing? Consider ways to re-purpose them. For example, if there’s a chocolate edible, this can be transformed by adding some coconut oil or butter and melting it in a pot or the microwave. This chocolate mix can be added to fruits or any other treat.
Just pace yourself and eat with care to avoid getting too high by accident.

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